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The 7A Trip to Graz:

Grazreise 7AIt was Dec 22nd when we, the 7A, went with our homeroom teacher Mr. Braunecker and Mrs. Müller to Graz. We left the railway station at 7:39 am. In Leoben we had to change to another train. Shortly afterwards we arrived in Graz.
We were really lucky, because the weather was just amazing.
First of all we walked up the Schloßberg. We were moaning, but once we had reached the top we were astonished by the great view over the city. We took some pictures and then we stopped for lunch at a pizza parlor called "Sägewerk".
No longer hungry we continued our walk through Graz. We went to the "English Bookshop". There were loads of books which were very, very cheap. Some of us bought up to five books.
Afterwards we were allowed to walk around on our own to go shopping. Almost everyone bought something; clothes, shoes, etc.
Late afternoon we gathered again and took the tram back to the railway station. In Leoben we changed trains again and at 8:39 pm we arrived in Klagenfurt.
We really enjoyed ourselves and just want to thank Mr. Braunecker and Mrs. Müller for this kind pre-Christmas gift☺

Samra Malic, 7A