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Helbling Writing Competition


Österreichweit nahmen heuer mehr als 3.400 SchülerInnen an der Helbling Writing Competition teil. Eine Fachjury bestehend aus Gavin Biggs und Herbert Puchta kürten in drei Jahrgangsstufen (2./3./4. Jahrgang) die Sieger.

Jeder Teilnehmer hatte die Wahl zwischen zwei Themen entsprechend des Jahrgangs zu denen ein möglichst fantasievoller Text zu schreiben war.

Feix Tomaschitz aus der 3D konnte mit seinem Text zu „The idea which saved the planet“ für unsere Schule den 3. Platz erringen. Wir als Schulgemeinschaft gratulieren Felix zu dieser tollen Leistung.


Gewinnertext von Felix Tomaschitz, 3d:

The idea which saved the planet

On a beautiful day on the planet Earth, Tom was in the room where he played Fortnite on the Gaming PC.

Suddenly his mother came in and said, “Tom, come down into the kitchen, I am preparing Schnitzel with chips.” When he came down his mother turned on the radio and the speaker said that an asteroid was flying versus earth and if it fully collided with the earth everyone was going to die immediately because the smaller planet would explode.

Tom was totally shocked about this and he began to cry heartbreakingly. Tom`s mother comforted him and she told him that he should play with his friends and enjoy leisure time on earth fully. Meanwhile a lot of scientists looked for a solution to the problem. Then a brilliant scientist said to the others that mankind had to build a protective shield around the world and within two hours and a lot of collaboration between all the nations the shield was built and the planet Earth was saved. The name of this clever scientist was Günter Einstein.

Tom and his mother were very happy that earth was saved from the asteroid.