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On Thursday, the 31th of March, an amazing play was performed in BRG Bachmann. The four actors, who speak English as their native language, played the popular story „In 80 days around the world“. The young actors travel to attend schools in Austria, where they then perform a play to the students. They have an instagram-account, where you can follow their journey.

The story „In 80 days around the world“ plays in the past. The main roles are Phileas Fogg, Passepartout and Mr. Fix. Phileas Fogg is an upper class man, who’s completely uptight and obsessed with routine. He is the main character who makes a bet, that he can travel around the world in 80 days. Passepartout is his servant. Mr. Fix is the detective who follows Phileas Fogg around the world and tries to sabotage his journey several times. The story is very entertaining and funny. They are travelling around the world but in the end they apparently arrive in London one day too late. Until it turns out that they have gained one day because of the time change! Mr. Fogg wins the bet and his honour is saved.

The stage was small but the actors made the best of it and could still illustrate well to the audience where the story is currently taking place.

They used very imaginative objects to visualise better their deals. The actor who plays Mr. Fix, for example, used a water spray gun as a pistol to shoot. For the students this was very surprising and fun because they were also hit by the water. To demonstrate an elephant the actors used a kind of tube, two pads and a fluffy jacket. Umbrellas were often used also. In order to imitate certain sounds, the actors often had to make funny sounds. These sounds only made the play more realistic.

The audience liked the play very much. The actors performed well and you could easily empathise with the roles. It was also very helpful that the actors spoke comprehensibly so that the German-speaking students could understand most of it well. In summary the play was a complete success.

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