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Some time ago we (the students of the 4a) were in England with our English teacher, Ms. Melcher, and Mr. Braunecker. Our journey to England started on the 12th of March, 2015. We took a bus to the airport in Ljubljana, where our plane to London Stansted airport was already waiting for us. After our arrival we took another bus to Eastbourne. The first houses we saw in England were only made of brick and no colour. There was a beautiful landscape with a lot of sheep. Although I was so sleepy, I couldn’t sleep on the bus because we were having so much fun all of us.

We were staying with host families in Eastbourne and almost every morning we went to the Language School. We had a fun teacher and he could tell great jokes. He told us some things about England and laughed with us very much. In the afternoons we made several trips (to Hastings, Brighton and London, and we also went to The Seven Sisters and Beachy Head)

When we first explored Eastbourne a little bit, we also went to the sea. And there we saw our first red telephone booth. Eastbourne is a very cold and windy, but beautiful little town. One afternoon we went to the cinema.

On Saturday after school we made a big trip to Beachy Head and to the Seven Sisters. The cliffs were so beautiful. I had never seen such a beautiful view in my life! However, the walk was very exhausting and it was very cold.

On Monday and on Tuesday we went to London by train. We visited all the popular sights and also did some shopping. Unfortunately, England is very expensive. In London we travelled a lot by underground. On Sunday they also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and we even saw a parade. It was a very interesting day and we took a lot of photos. On Monday some girls and all the boys went to the London Dungeon with Ms. Melcher while the other group was in the Mme Tussaud’s with Mr. Braunecker. It was a lot of fun, only the weather wasn’t the best, but on the other days it was ok.

On Tuesday we went to Brighton and that was good fun. There was a pier with a gamehall, and on the last day we went to Hastings. On Thursday, the 19th of March we had to get up very early to get our flight to Ljubjlana.

The 4a

It was a very nice time, and all of us had great fun (Jonathan)

That journey was one of the best I’ve had. It was so beautiful and fun. If I could, I would do it again. (Cati)

I enjoyed the English culture and I would recommend the journey to other kids because there you can see how the English people live and your spoken English gets a lot better if you communicate with your host family and the other people.

I can’t really say what I liked best because I enjoyed all the trips we made, but I think that our class community was really good as well. (Jacqueline)

All in all, it was a great, exciting and beautiful trip and I think we all enjoyed the trip to England. I think we can say that it was a fantastic trip. (Dominik)

This was a very funny and cool journey! (Christina)

The time arrived and we had to fly back home but this was an adventure that I will never forget. (Franzi)

I enjoyed the time in England (Thomas Koch)

I was happy and also sad to be at home. But it was a nice experience to see how the other people live therer and to see the culture.

All in all, it was a really great time and we had plenty of free time (Sepp)