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A farewell party for our English language assistant Mikal Dickey

On June 14, 2019 we organized a farewell party for our language assistant Mikal, who had been in our conversation classes on every Friday during this school year.

We had a lot of fun. Two girls, Selina and Julie, brought homemade cakes for the party. Laura baked American rice crispies with the help of the recipe that Mikal had told us about. Two boys, Lukas and Maxi, brought something to drink, which was very convenient because of the scorching heat.

At the beginning of the party Mikal came in and our class representative Marie thanked Mikal for having helped make the conversation classes interesting and funny. At first Felicity gave Mikal a card which had been signed by all of us including our fabulous English teacher Mr Braunecker. After that Alexandra presented a photo of all of us to Mikal as a farewell present. Then Emma read out a story about Mikal’s lessons that she had written herself.

Finally it was time for the party with delicious cakes, good drinks and some farewell music. Some pupils asked Mikal questions about what she was going to do after her return to the USA. At the end of the lesson we played ‘Who am I’ and we also took photos.

Now Mikal is gone and we will definitely miss her!

© David Hölbling and all the 2A pupils
June 17, 2019