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The Word Collector

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect coins. 2A and 2B collect words.

In our English lessons we listened to the story “The Word Collector” by Peter Hamilton Reynolds. It was read out by the former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. We learned many new words and phrases and we wanted to start our own word collections. Here are some comments by our students:


Some people collect stickers, stamps, or stones. We collect words! In English we read a book about a boy who collects words. One day a breeze blew his words away and the people in a small town found the new words and phrases. Our class wanted to do the same and we started our own word collection. We also read a book called “The Wizard of Oz” and everyone had to present one word and write it on a special sheet of paper. It was a lot of fun and we learned many words. I think everyone should learn new vocabulary because words help us to share everything with the world: what feel, think or what we want to tell others. It also helps us to learn more about foreign languages.


It is very important to collect words because we need them to share our feelings, our dreams and our thoughts with others. The more words we learn, the better we can communicate with other people. We can learn words when we read them or see them or hear them. In 2B we collect many words. At first, we write down the word, then we find a synonym and we also draw it and at last we write a sentence with it. We stick this sheet on a poster, our word collection. It looks very nice. Everyone in our class has collected a word from the book “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” which we read with our nice teacher.