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In class 2d we had our book talks in November/December. We all borrowed books from the school library, read them, and talked with Prof. Posch about them.  

Here is what some pupils said about their books: 


I read the book “A little Princess”. It was about a girl, her name was Sara. She drove with her dad from India to England. Because her dad wanted that, she went to England’s best school for girls.  

I liked the end the most because Sara was happy, and she was going to help people. And that the neighbour found Sara.  

I didn’t like that her dad died and that Sara was sad. And Miss Minchin was so mean to Sara.  

Johanna H.  


I read a book with the name “The house of shadows”.  

It was about a girl, her name is Kit and a boy, his name is Ned. Kit and Ned moved house and in the new house they noticed something unusual in the first night.  

I liked the book because it was exciting and funny.  



I read the book „The little ghost“. It was about a little ghost who wanted to see the daylight. I liked the part when the little ghost turned white again because it was very happy. I didn’t like the part when the kids hunted the little ghost because that was very mean and evil. My favourite person is the owl Toowhoo because it helps the little ghost in the end of the story.  


I read a detective story. It was about two friends and a new boy at Haywood school. I liked the end of the book because they were happy. I didn’t like the dogs in the book because they attacked the skinhead. The book is easy for the second year. 



I read the book “The railway children”. It was about a father that disappeared. I liked that the kids saved lives. I didn’t like that Bobbie was sad on her birthday. 



I read the book “Nelson”. It was about ships on the sea. I liked when Nelson fell in love with Fanny. I didn´t like when Nelson broke up with Fanny 



I read the book “The 39 steps”. It was about agents who killed the minister. I liked the book because it was very exciting. I didn´t like the agents.  



I read the book “Dracula”. It is about a man with the name Jonathan. Jonathan goes to Transylvania because count Dracula wants to buy a house in London.  

My favorite character in the book is Dracula because he is so scary. I really liked the part in the book when Jonathan sees that Dracula is a vampire.  

I didn’t like Jack because he killed Lucy because she is a vampire. I didn’t like the part in the book when Jonathan killed Dracula.  



I read the book “Pompeii”. It was about a small city, a volcano was opposite the city. The people in Pompeii were scared because of the volcano.