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We started our trip at Klagenfurt airport and flew to London Stansted. The flight took about two hours, and it was very pleasant and calm. After getting our luggage we went to Canterbury by coach. There we were picked up by our host families.
On Sunday we went to London. Most of us visited the London Dungeon. We learned about the history of London with some hair-raising aspects. In the end we had a ten metre free fall, and there was a witch who was really creepy, and the lights went out when she was moving around.
On Monday we went on a walking tour through Canterbury to find out more about the town, and on Tuesday we visited Canterbury Cathedral. We learned all about Thomas Becket and his tragic murder and a lot more about history and religion back then. If you’re in Canterbury, you should definitely consider a visit to the Cathedral.
On Wednesday we went to Dover Castle by bus. One of the highlights there was the tour of an underground hospital that was used during the Second World War.
On Wednesday evening, 29th March, some of us went to the Evensong in Canterbury Cathedral. You can watch the Evensong on Youtube under “Canterbury Cathedral Evensong 29th March, 2023“.
On Friday, 31st March, we went back home. Our flight from London Stansted was delayed because of a heavy thunderstorm.
It was really interesting to listen to the teachers because they had a very good accent. Their English was clear and the lessons were great fun. It was also nice to only speak English all day, and we learned a lot about the UK, Canterbury and history.
Our host family was really nice. We always had dinner together and talked about our day. The Spanish girls that stayed with us were sweet and talkative. The parting was very sad, but we had a great time.
We are all very happy that we could make this experience. All in all, we had an amazing week in Canterbury.